Common Indicators for Coffee Sustainability

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Here you have access to the high level global indicators of sustainability for coffee production systems as determined by the GCP and refined by COSA and a Committee of Experts.

What’s included:

  1. 15 core sustainability indicators and general Farm and Farmer Characteristics that have been prioritized in a consultative process*

  2. Simple (Performance level) approach that is globally relevant and allows widespread use while having a sound scientific basis and structure**

  3. Elaborated with SMART filters and extensive field testing (hundreds of organizations and supply chains already use some or all of these metrics)

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To learn more about GCP, click here.

To learn more about COSA, click here.

*Builds on the Sustainability Progress Framework (SPF) jointly elaborated by the Sustainable Coffee Challenge and the GCP members

**COSA also offers the Full (Impact level) approach to allow for greater insight on how more complex topics can be scientifically captured when feasible and appropriate. However, these tend to require greater expertise and/or greater resources to gather and process properly, so they can be more challenging as a common basis. Please contact COSA for more information.

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The Expert Advisors encompassed a cross section of the private sector, NGOs, traders, government, certification bodies, and research institutions. Representatives from Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other origins were included.

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Download the Common Indicators.